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Hand-arm and Whole Body Vibration Testing and Assessment

From July 2007 any company not risk managing their workforce with regard to BS EN ISO5349 Vibration Exposure (HAVS) will be in breach of legislation and subject to not only litigation from employees but also action from the Health and Safety Executive.

Hand Arm and Whole Body vibration are becoming the fore runners in any companies health and safety policy and with our help you can get to grips with the standards required.

CPT can advise and recommend the best tools available to minimise the risk to you operators, and help improve their comfort and productivity.

On-site Vibration Testing and Assessments

CPT provide a full HAV testing service to help you review and update your risk assessment, assist with best practice consultation and help with tool procurement to ensure you are fully compliant with the latest Health and Safety HAVS legislation. This can be done on-site if required, limiting the need for lengthy downtime and lost production.

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In 2009 Consolidated Power Tools introduced the vibration testing service.

This was driven by both our customers who were looking for a ‘single source solution’ for their onsite testing service, and by the ever changing vibration regulations. In a relatively short space of time we have gained a wide and varied customer base, as we are able to adapt to, and facilitate a wide range of customer requirements.

This is something we pride ourselves on, and is what has made us one of the most reputable vibration testing
companies in operation.


We offer a comprehensive range of mechanical and pneumatic tool equipment from some of the worlds leading manufacturers, with full technical sales and back up provided by highly experienced staff.

Tools can either be tested on site whilst in use by the operator (this is recommended) or in a workplace on simulated test rigs. For this we use a wide range of different tensile steels for the Grinders, Cutters, Die Grinders, and Drills etc.

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The Curotec vibration management systems allows the employer to collect accurate data in relation to vibration exposure for each member of their workforce, on a daily basis. Once this data is quantified it can be extrapolated and used to predict trends of use, identify the need for tool maintenance and employ preventative actions to be taken in order to protect their employees more effectively.

Curo is a simple, effective piece of PPE for Vibration. Each personalised Curo will record its operators trigger time exposure to vibration. The traffic light system advises the user of their exposure threshold, when the red light illuminates it warns the operator that they have reached their maximum daily vibration limit. 



The Curo Plus offers a more comprehensive system with all the information of the Curo, in addition to a meticulous analysis of tool usage and points per tool, per day. The RFID technology used by the Curo Plus also allows for additional functionality such as the ability to store asset/serial numbers and communicate the tool make and model into the data download.

The Curo has been developed as part of an employees PPE, able to quantify the daily exposure of and risk to each member of the workforce. This enables preventative action to be taken for those at risk and pre-existing HAVS sufferers to continue work in a controlled environment where exposure levels are safely reduced, preventing further deterioration.

  • Free installation and training
  • No base stations
  • 30 days data storage
  • No recharging
  • Average 16-18 month battery life
  • No daily download of data
  • 12 month warranty
  • Cost effective PPE
  • Free software for multiple users

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Consolidated Power Tools in association with Curotec have now established and received HSE approval for a comprehensive HAVS and Whole Body Vibration Management System that can demonstrate full compliance with the requirements of the Control of Vibration at work Regulations 2005 and the recently issued Current Guidance.

In order to introduce and explain this approved Management System we invite companies to attend a FREE OF CHARGE Presentation during which we will discuss and review,

  • Current Litigation and Prosecution Status
  • NEW HSE Guidance
  • The importance of managing Whole Body Vibration
  • CPT’s comprehensive and approved management system and hierarchy of controls required to compliantly manage Vibration Exposure in the Workplace

The presentation will last for 30 minutes and so will not take up all your time and we will be available to discuss any specific areas of concern before and after the session. Should you be interested, please contact us on 02920 480811 or by email on havs.consolidair@btconnect.com.



Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS)

What is Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome?

Vibration can be transmitted into your hands and arms when you use hand-held powered work equipment. Too much exposure can cause HAVS and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Identifying signs and symptoms at an early stage is important. It will allow you, as the employer, to take action to prevent the health effects from becoming serious for your employee. The symptoms include any combination of:

•   Tingling and numbness in the fingers
•   Not being able to feel things properly
•   Loss of strength in the hands
•   Fingers going white (blanching) and becoming red and painful on recovery





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